Line Up
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    Carmine Appice - Drums/ BG Vocals
    Tim Bogert - Bass / BG Vocals
    Jimmy Kunes - Lead Vocals/ BG Vocals
    Jim McCarty - All Guitars

    Guest : Randy Pratt Harmonica
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  • Label: Escapi Music
Source: Escapi Music

“The American Led Zeppelin.”

Those are tall words, but that is in fact what people were saying about Cactus when they hit the scene in 1970, flaming out brightly after four albums – Cactus, One Way… Or Another, ‘Ot ‘n’ Sweaty and Restrictions - by the end of 1972. Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Jim McCarty and Rusty Day made an impression with their loud, blues-edged hard rock madness, with rockers such as Van Halen, Monster Magnet, Kings X., Billy Sheehan, David Coverdale, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent having been documented in interviews as fans of the loud and proud ‘70s sensation. Look up underrated in the dictionary, and you’ll be lookin’ at a picture of four very hairy guys.

Rusty Day is no longer among the walking, but Carmine, Tim and Jim, the music of this relentlessly live consortium, are very much alive and grinding out quality classic rock. In fact, Carmine and Tim have been out just killing crowds with the original lineup of their pre-Cactus band Vanilla Fudge, so expect quality in the box. And with Jim McCarty back with the guys, look out. Add to that ex-Savoy Brown singer Jimmy Kunes, and you’ve got a hot ‘’n’ nasty blues metal machine.

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