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Membres actuels
    Medi Baccar:Lead vocal, guitars, keaboard, saxophone
    Mourad Tnani: Lead vocal, guitars
    Aymen Baccar: Drums, backing vocal, programming.
    Haykel Chami: Percussions
    Haïthem'Bloph'Bel Hassan: Bass, backing vocal
    Arnaud Meunier: Trompette
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Origine: Carthage - Tunisie
  • Genre(s): Reggae
In 814BC, the Phoenicians founded the city of Carthage.

En 2006, c'est un groupe de Reggae

Source: MySpace

814BC is a reggae band which is composed of 5 musicians. When formed in 1999 in Carthage Salammbo, the band decided to make the Tunisian audience discover the Jamaicn music. Based on personal compositions, the groove and the harmonies, 814 BC explores and plays all the rates/rhythms of the existing REGGAE like CLASSICAL REGGAE and the DUB and much of others.-
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