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Colossus - Breathing World

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - by Sound Pollution

Stockholm sludge trio Colossus delivers a technical yet catchy groove with equal parts brains and heart. With their headstrong, playful and completely uncompromising music, the band have created their own personal path through the heavier rock terrain and won over the underground and critics alike. EP Spiritual Myiasis and fullength debut Wake was received with unanimous praise and after a string of intensive live shows in clubs and festivals all around Sweden and Europe the band have managed to stake out their territory and is predicted a bright future. The band follows their success with their most ambitious and personal release yet in


The Breathing World. Recorded in Big Island Sounds together with producer Tom van Heesch (Rammstein, Michael Monroe, Backyard Babies) the album takes off where Wake ended and follows the protagonists crooked journey to clarity in a surreal and mysterious but deeply human world. With a heavier production, more experimention and esoteric song structures the band sounds more confident than ever before and delivers a mature and coherent piece that will captivate old fans and attract many new listeners.


Quotes from Wake:
  • "Here's a band which does not reuse but reinvents. Write down this name because, chances are, most of you will feel compelled to add it to your top-something lists at the end of this year." - 4/5 ANGRY METAL GUY
  • "Intelligent, exploratory and completely focused. This might be the most progressive release within the genre. Truly colossal music." - 8/10 SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE
  • "One of the most memorable, intense and compelling works of the current heavy rock decade.-9.5/10 POWERMETAL.DE
  • "Think the might of Mastodon infused with the rhythmic and hypnotic esotery of Tool and the progressive aspects of Opeth transformed it into something that is their own." - 8/10 THE MIDLAND ROCKS

  • 01. Yehi Aour - Wanderers
  • 02. Darkling Root
  • 03. Plumed Serpent
  • 04. Virgin's Milk
  • 05. Fuga Mundi
  • 06. Whetstone
  • 07. The Silent City
  • Niklas Eriksson - Vocals & Guitars
  • Peter Berg - Bass
  • Thomas Norstedt - Drums

  • Spiritual Myiasis - 2011
  • Wake - 2013

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