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Line Up
Membres actuels
    Anders Friden - Chant
    Jesper Strömblad - Guitare
    Björn Gelotte - Guitare
    Peter Iwers - basse
    Daniel Svensson - Batterie
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
Founded back in 1990, In Flames has become the most innovative band in melodic death metal in the last 10 years. Their trademark sound has been copied many times, but none of these bands have come close to surpassing the original.

In 1990, Jesper Strömblad decided to leave Ceremonial Oath (which also contained Anders Fridén and Tiamat's Anders Iwers) because he wanted to take his music in a different direction. He teamed up with Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström to form In Flames.

They recorded a demo and shipped it off to Wrong Again Records, hoping to land a record deal. After a night of drinking, the band got the courage to call the owner of Wrong Again. He enjoyed the music so much that he immediately gave them a deal over the phone. When asked if they had more songs than just the three they sent him, they lied and said they had 14. In reality, they had none. They sat down the next day and wrote the album Lunar Strain, which was released in 1994 and became an underground success.

The band quickly followed up Lunar Strain with a MCD called Subterranean, which became a "breakout" album of sorts in terms of gaining more notoriety and securing a licensing deal with Nuclear Blast for the next record – where they've been there ever since. After a while, Jesper, Glenn and Johan got tired of constantly asking friends to fill in on recordings and live performances. They asked Anders and Björn Gelotte to join the band on vocals and drums respectively. For the first time In Flames was a real band with a real line-up.

A license deal with Nuclear Blast was bargained soon afterwards and IN FLAMES started recording the follow up longplayer "The Jester Race", this time with an unborrowed line up consisting of Jesper, Johan and Glenn and two new additions: Anders Friden on vocals and Björn Gelotte on drums. Another big hit for IN FLAMES, "The Jester Race" got very popular across Europe and Japan, several gigs and a festival tour with Samael, Kreator and GRIP INC. followed.

After the recording of "Whoracle" in 1997 Johan and Glenn decided to leave IN FLAMES, while Peter Iwers on bass and Niklas Engelin guitar filled in the gaps. With that fresh line up the band started off a mini tour with Dimmu Borgir and afterwards a very successful European tour. Back home in Sweden Niklas quit IN FLAMES due to his wish to put more energy in his other project GARDENIAN. In consequence IN FLAMES restructured considerably; Björn switched from drums to guitar and Daniel Svensson (SACRILIGE) got hired for the skins, and released "Colony" in 1999. Excellent reactions all over the world and full concert venues in Europe, USA and Japan made IN FLAMES one of the most popular Melodic Death Metal acts internationally.<
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