Dream Theater

Dream Theater


Line Up
Membres actuels
    James LaBrie – Chants
    John Myung – Basse
    John Petrucci – Guitares
    Mike Portnoy – Batterie
    Jordan Rudess - Claviers
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Over the years, musicologists have done their best to describe Dream Theater’s heady style of play, but the band’s ability to stretch rock to its outer limits remains uncategorizable. Some have even called it sci-fi rock, which is interesting when you consider that it’s been well over a decade since Dream Theater’s arrival, yet they’re still light years ahead of the pack.

Hell, you could say Dream Theater is the musical equivalent of the black monolith in Kubrick’s 2001—a towering sign of intelligent life in a rock universe overrun with befuddled apes. To their credit, they’ve made quantum career leaps, consistently selling out theaters and arenas planet-wide without the aid of special effects (read: no MTV or radio airplay), have survived countless “invasions” (grunge, rap-metal, punk-pop, etc.), and have thrived by consistently morphing their music without alienating their original fan base.

Along the way, drummer Mike Portnoy has racked up 19 Modern Drummer Readers’ Poll Awards, while guitarist John Petrucci appeared alongside six-string icons Joe Satriani and Steve Vai during the prestigious G3 tour in 2001.

Source: Maison de Disque

20/08/2005 -

Dream-Theater - Tabarka World Music Festival 2005

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