Uli Jon Roth


Line Up
Membres actuels
    Uli Jon Roth - guitars
    Francis Buchholz - bass (Ex-Scorpions)
    Olaf Senkbeil - vocals (Dreamtide)
    Chris Lowe - drums
    Oliver Palotai - keyboards (Doro)
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  • Label: SPV
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Uli Jon Roth is without doubt one of the most eminent and influential guitarists of the international music scene. Be it as a long-time member with the Scorpions, founder and mastermind of his own band Electric Sun or as a solo artist, whose brilliant symphonic rock concepts BEYOND THE ASTRAL SKIES and SKY OF AVALON caused a stir with its exciting melange of classical music and rock: the musician from Hanover has already had a lasting influence on the music world.

In 1993 Roth made a name for himself in the classic crossover sector as the musical director of an extremely successful production called ‘Symphonic Rock For Europe’, which was broadcast by the German TV channel WDR. As part of the production, his first complete symphony ‘Europa Ex Favilla’ was performed by almost one hundred artists from the Brussels Symphonic Orchestra, together with a large choir and a rock band. The theme was taken up again in 1995, when Roth’s Puccini treatment ‘Bridge To Heaven’ - performed by vocalist Klaus Meine with Roth on guitar - was celebrated during the great José Carreras Christmas Gala in Leipzig.

Since leaving the Scorpions, Roth repeatedly became the talking point in the rock genre. In 1991 U.J. Roth, undisputedly THE German authority when it comes to authentic rock interpretations, was asked to take on the musical direction of the WDR TV special ‘A Different Side Of Jimi Hendrix’. The result was a moving TV spectacle, with Roth alongside Jack Bruce (Cream), Simon Philips (Toto, The Who, Bob Dylan among others), Jule Neigel, Randy Hansen, Zeno and Peter Bursch performing a fascinating repertoire of Hendrix’ compositions, which was praised on an international level. Roth dedicated the concert to Monika Dannemann, Jimi Hendrix’ last girlfriend and later Roth’s partner for over twenty years before her tragic death in 1996.
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