A Band Called Pain


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Line Up
Membres actuels
    Allan Richardson - Chant
    Shaun Bivens - Guitare
    Tony Providence - Batterie
    Bryan Dean - Basse
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Origine: San Francisco Bay - USA
This hard charging band from the San Francisco Bay Area came into existence when cousins Allan Richardson (Richmond, CA) and Shaun Bivens (Oakland, CA) reunited several years ago. With shared vision, they got to work, putting together a band to play the music which had been their first love since they were youngsters - METAL. With this in mind they set out to find a driving rhythm section to round out the sound. They soon found the perfect drummer for the project, Tony Providence from San Leandro, CA. These 3 seasoned musicians (in the past, each has been signed to various record labels for various styles of music) set out to find the final piece, a bass player. The search proved to be quite elusive, but perseverance paid off. After many ups and downs and 3 bassists later, the universe finally provided, as San Francisco bassist Bryan Dean stepped in to complete the quartet. With a steady and committed lineup now intact. A BAND CALLED PAIN is ready for action. With crushing riffs reminiscent of Pantera and Alice in Chains. A BAND CALLED PAIN rocks as hard as any band on the planet. Their electrifying live show has prompted many fans to call A.B.C.P, "the baddest metal band since Metallica." No matter what you may need, - melodic or hardcore vocals, blazing guitar, tight and rumbling bass or drums powerful enough to restart your heart. "A BAND CALLED PAIN" delivers. "I tell you, if anybody deserves a record deal, you guys do. It's a crime I tell you, a crime!" "I gotta tell you, your CD is the kind that goes in the CD Player and STAYS THERE!" -Billy Steel, The Metal Show, 107.7 The Bone - San Francisco, CA.-
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