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Line Up
Membres actuels
    Ventylator - Chant
    Phil - Guitare
    Damien - Guitare
    Bertrand - Basse
    Guillaume - Batterie
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Origine: Bourg en Bresse - France
  • Genre(s): Death Metal
  • Label: Osmose Productions
The first chapter of Act of Gods started in September 2001, when Phil -guitars- former bass player of the French legendary Death Metal band Mutilated decided it was time to strike back stronger than ever. A drummer was immediately found in the person of Guillaume, ex Mutilated too. Then Ventylator joined the band. Act of Gods was formed with the intent of creating fast, furious and brutal Death Metal that takes no prisoners, the way it should be.

The year after in March, the band entered the LB LAB studio, chosen for its professionalism and for the quality of its productions. This resulted in the recording of the first demo CD "Dies Irae". Loaded with intense drumming, deranged guitar riffs and a killer production, this demo CD stands as one of the most impressive debut releases. The band sent on their own promotional copies to major record labels, which ended in a three-albums deal with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS.

The band got mostly positive reviews from magazines, webzines and fanzines worldwide. After several line-up changes and the arrival of Bertrand on -bass-, the band returned to the LB LAB studio in November 2003 to record their first full length release titled "Stench of Centuries". At the end of the studio sessions, the band found it's new guitar player Damien who had the time to record about half the solos on this album.

This time Act of Gods brings its sharpened sense for Death Metal forward and confirms its abilities to play straight to the point music. Thirteen shredding Death Metal songs (including a Mutilated cover "Sorcery") served by a top notch production and a pissed off energy is what this new offering stands for. It shows the most brutal, mature and strongest creations of this four piece. Forged in pestilence, this unrelenting album will undoubtedly induce severe headbanging damages!

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