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Line Up
Membres actuels
    Pasi Rantanen - vocals
    Nino Laurenne - guitars & backing vocals
    Kari Tornack - keyboards
    Titus Hjelm - bass & backing vocals
    Mirka Rantanen – drums
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Genre(s): Melodic Power Metal
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
THUNDERSTONE was formed in early 2000 by guitarist Nino Laurenne who previously played with Thrash Metal Band Antidote. Nino later recruited Pasi Rantanen (vocals), Titus Hjelm (bass & backing vocals) and Mirka Rantanen (drums) and the band was complete. Together they recorded theri first demo which caught huge interest within the Scandinavian press. Shortly after, keyboard player Kari Tornack joined the band and completed the line

THUNDERSTONE are known to be an amazing live band and this time managed to capture their outstanding live power on record.
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