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Line Up
Membres actuels
    Mats Leven - Vocals
    Christofer Johnsson - Guitar
    Kristian Niemann - Guitar
    Johan Niemann - Bass
    Petter Karlsson - Drums
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Genre(s): Symphonic Classic Heavy
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
The band was formed by Christofer Johnsson in 1987 and started to produce and record several demos and the MLP "Time Shall Tell". THERION's full-length debut "Of Darkness…" came out in 1991 and earned the band initial success within the metal underground. Therion started as a creative Death Metal band with ambitions to experiment and to expand their sound. The band later developed their style as the years passed and released a handful of innovative albums between 1991 and 1996.

After some line up changes – leaving Christofer as the only original member– THERION released "Theli" in 1996, which is regarded as the band’s breakthrough album. At this point THERION were ready to limit their Death Metal elements in favour of more operatic, progressive and even oriental sounds.

"Vovin", THERION's best-selling album to date (+ 125.000 copies worldwide), was released in 1998. The evolution in sounds had reached new heights allowing the band for the first time to use a real symphonic orchestra. Due to new line up problems, Christofer recorded the CD all by himself only with the help of some studio musicians and still considers "Vovin" more or less of a solo album.

"Deggial" developed Christofer's new invented style of catchy Symphonic Opera Metal even further. With the new members Kristian and Johann Niemann on board, THERION set off on their first headliner tour along with Voivod. One year later THERION released "Secret Of The Runes", the band’s first concept album with themes centred around Northern Myths and deeply influenced by Scandinavian Folk Music.

In 2002, THERION celebrated their 15th anniversary by recording the live album "Live In Midgard" and shortly afterwards started writing new material which was to become the double album "Lemuria"/"Sirius B". It entered the German charts on #63, followed by an incredible world-tour, which can be seen on the DVD “Celebrators Of Becoming”.
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