Rotting Christ


Line Up
Membres actuels
    Sakis – Guitare, Chant, Claviers
    Andreas – Basse
    Themis – Batterie
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Genre(s): Black Athmosphérique
  • Label: Century Media Records
Legendary Greek entity ROTTING CHRIST are a true certainty in terms of delivering abstract, yet fundamental album releases ever since their early foundation in 1987.

Experimenting and stylistically morphing throughout different, always obscure layers of elements from varied styles of heavier music (be it industrial or gothic, thrash or even traditional heavy metal) has truly driven ROTTING CHRIST to achieve a very distinct sound, giving the band a very special position within the black metal scene-realms.

Having toured all over the globe with bands such as Immortal, Blasphemy, Samael, Moonspell, Deicide, Behemoth, Theatre Of Tragedy, Gorefest, Tristania, Old Man’s Child, Vintersorg, Cradle Of Filth or Tiamat and having visited rather unusual countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico or Turkey in the turn of the years, ROTTING CHRIST have established themselves as leading force within the black metal scene.

This fact was easily stressed by 2004’s release of a Brazilian tribute album entitled “An Evil Existence For Rotting Christ”, where underground acts pay homage to one of their main influences.

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