Primal Fear


Line Up
Membres actuels
    Ralf Scheepers – Chant
    Mat Sinner – Basse & Chant
    Stefan Leibing – Guitares
    Tom Naumann - Guitares
    Randy Black – Batterie
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  • Genre(s): Heavy Metal
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
PRIMAL FEAR doubtlessly rank among the top of the European Heavy Metal scene. With killer albums like "Jaws Of Death", "Nuclear Fire" and "Black Sun" this outstanding act met the taste of the metal crowd worldwide and became a true instance regarding straight and powerful Metal. After the huge success of 2003s output "Black Sun", the German Metal Commando now enters "The Devil's Ground"! The album might be the heaviest record of PRIMAL FEAR so far, still with a lot of variety and what is most important, a lot of new Metal hymns. PRIMAL FEAR easily appeal every Headbangers' steely heart, especially the fiery “Metal Is Forever” has the potential to become a new hymn of the genre. The straight and catchy track was also chosen to be the video for the new album, which was shot in Sweden in december 2003. You will find the best tracks PRIMAL FEAR ever written, including the mighty “The Healer” or the melodic “Wings Of Desire”. An album full of highlights, a metal record how it should be. Heavy, dynamic and full of killers. PRIMAL FEAR prove once more that they are among the leading acts of the international Metal scene.

PRIMAL FEAR was founded in 1998 by the legendary metal shouter Ralf Scheepers (ex-Gamma Ray), SINNER frontman & bassist Mat Sinner and Tom Naumann (SINNER). With their self-titled debut "Primal Fear" the band went straight on position 48 in the German charts and marked the first step of the German Metal Commando on their way to the top of Europeans leading Heavy Metal acts. The follow up “Jaws Of Death” presented PRIMAL FEAR musically more sophisticated, more aggressive. The album led to tours through the USA, Brazil, Argentina and earned great responses everywhere.
"Nuclear Fire" took PRIMAL FEAR to another climax: Clear and powerful produced by Mat Sinner himself the album featured several absolute killer songs and broke lose a real PRIMAL FEAR hysteria. The record charted high in the international hit lists (e.g. # 37 in Germany, # 71 in Italy, # 77 in Switzerland and on # 23 in Japan) and brought the band sold out venues all across Europe, Brazil and even the USA.

Noticeable development attended the release of the concept album "Black Sun": Using progressive elements and experimental fundamentals the German Metal Commando showed maturation and more complexity regarding song-writing. The charts were cracked again, among the positions 55 in Germany and number 12 in the Japanese rock charts. Idle to mention that the following "Black Sun" tour became a worldwide success.

In August 2003 PRIMAL FEAR parted ways with longtime drummer Klaus Sperling. Former Annihilator drummer Randy Black took over his place and immediately proved to be the right choice, on the bands first US tour – another enrichment of the line up. One month later the band released its very first DVD entitled "The History Of Fear" which gave an extensive retrospective of the band's career with several bootlegs from tours and festivals in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe, as well as gigs at the Wacken Open Air and, finally, impressions of their last years' "Black Sun" tour.

The limited European edition of "Devil's Ground" will feature two 5.1 mixes of the two hymns “Metal Is Forever” and “The Healer”, as well as a surprise cover version of a classic metal song. Great reviews coming in from all over the world for Devil’s Ground Burrn (90/100), Hammer (7/7), Rock Hard (9/10). Watch out the sensational new videoclip of “Metal Is Forever” on the music TV channels.

So don't hesitate and have no (primal) fear to experience the most exciting PRIMAL FEAR album, their strongest Line-Up and “Devil's
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