Angel Dust

Angel Dust
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Line Up
Membres actuels
    Dirk Thurisch - Chant
    Ritchie Wilkison - Guitare
    Frank Banx - Basse
    Steven Banx - Claviers
    Dirk Assmuth - Batterie
En deux (ou trois) mots
One of the few bands to ever have successfully returned to the scene after a ten-year break, Angel Dust reformed in a refreshed line-up in 1997.

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback and a constantly growing following for their return record Border Of Reality in 1998, the follow-up album Bleed in 1999 and Enlighten The Darkness in 2000 (both their best selling and best received album to date), the Dortmund-based quintet had achieved the reputation of being one of Europe's brightest modern Power Metal outfits.

Axeman Bernd departed from the band's ranks due to the time-worn "musical differences", soon to be replaced by guitar wizard and longtime friend Ritchie Wilkison (touring guitarist for Demons & Wizards) In the Fall of 2001, Angel Dust entered their favoured Woodhouse Studio in Hagen with producer Siggi Bemm (Tiamat, Therion, Farmer Boys, etc.) to nail down nine new original compositions as well as an intense and truly metallized offering of Seal's classic song "Killer" for their new album Of Human Bondage. As can be heard, Wilkison turned out to be one of the main forces for a slight return to the more straightforward and riff-oriented vein of the new material.

Angel Dust have brilliantly managed to outweigh their own trademarks of pure Power Metal catchiness, technically appealing instrumental elements and a superb bombastic atmosphere with a more heavy, thrashing punch added to the songs as well as a suitably dark atmosphere.

Angel Dust have always strived for a very individual sound, and Of Human Bondage is a magnificent, inspired new record that will certainly surprise the listener with a challenging addition of new-found guitar aggression and a more determined songwriting bite, without carrying the attitude of the songs too far away from the band's own roots.
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