Devast (In Studio)


Line Up
Membres actuels
    Morbid Desecrator : Guitare/Chant
    A.Aziz : Basse
    Slave banished : Batteries
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Genre(s): Death Metal
  • Label: Selfish Appetite Records
Source: myspace

Devast is a Brutal Death Metal trio Band formed in the summer 2006 by Morbid Desecrator (guitar/vocals) ex deadstone - 2005, saccarat- 2003, The Kult of SatanåchiîA - 2006, and “HellSpawn Blaster” (Drums),a short time later Aziz (Bass) joins the band as an official member.

Morbid Desecrator (the founder of the band) forged DEVAST's style and conception with Evil themes and furious brutal music inspired by the old school pionneers (Possessed, Morbid Angel, Brutal Truth...) and the band also cultivate the spirit of devastation and rebelion in their lyrical themes, musically, they play a savage Brutal Technical Death Metal style.

Actually the band has released it's lastest demo split with "rectalized records" and signs deal wih another record label "Selfish Apettite Records" don't forget the fact that DEVAST live in a state were extreme and pure metal styles are not recognized.

After their drummer departure for personal reasons, after that a new drummer "slave banished" joins the band to complete their future releases, in the october of the same year Aziz and Morbid Desecrator still continue the fight and now they are preparing an album with the same brutality and evilness as the demo.-
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