Oath To Vanquish Oath To Vanquish
© Leila Sarkis & George Haddad


Line Up
Membres actuels
    Cyril - Basse - Chant
    Elias - Guitare - Chant
    Carlos - Batterie - Chant
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Origine: Beirut - Liban
  • Label: Grindethic Records
“Oath to Vanquish” are a 3-piece band from Lebanon, a small place on the Mediterranean sea with a multitude of cultures and a rich history. OTV play a subtle blend of death-grind, black metal and gore that is very unique, diverse and empowering. OTV’s founders had taken part in many bands since 1992, but in Nov. 2001 they decided to take things to a higher level by creating something new and more powerful!

OTV played their first gig in Feb. 2002 in Amman, Jordan. It was a huge success and a whole new experience as it exposed the band to a new scene and a culture somewhat different from their own. The band then toured Lebanon throughout the summer of 2002, which earned them their rightful place at the top of Lebanese metal.

OTV suffered a setback when their bassist Joseph left to France at the end of 2002, but soon managed to unearth a worthy replacement in prolific bassist Cyril. Cyril was quick in cementing his place in the band and brought a new dimension through his contribution in composition and arrangement.

OTV spent the next few years completing their material and getting ready to record their debut album. The recording and mixing took place at Mad House Studios, Lebanon. The mastering is now complete, and the band are currently working on the artwork.     

The debut album will be entitled “Applied Schizophrenic Science”. The album will have a total running time of 35 min and will be comprised of 9 tracks. The lyrical content is deep and many social and personal issues are addressed, the main theme being however the reaction of a schizophrenic mind to certain situations, transforming the body into an apt killer with refined craftsmanship in the art of murder, and the inner division between the sane and the deranged! The music is boundless and leaves much room for the imagination to flow. It is very diverse, powerful and gripping, with sinister melodies, ear piercing shrieks and deathly growls!

Source: site officiel du groupe-
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