Mannikind Mannikind


Line Up
Membres actuels
    Sami – vocals & keyboard
    Ozzie – guitar
    Jonny Aitken – drums
    Jason – bass
    Jonny Ryan - guitar
En deux (ou trois) mots
  • Origine: Dubai - Emirat Arabes Unis
There are 5 members in this rock band, Sami, Ozzie,ey have been together for four years, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have swept the board with local Battle of the band awards.

Sami has been performing live music since the tender age of five. He is also classically trained trumpeter and has recently opened a recording studio, where he produced the Death of Eighty’s new album.

Ozzy has been playing guitar since the age of twelve. He is classically trained on the guitar and he is also a professional flamenco guitarist.

Jonny Aitken has been playing drums since he was eleven and studied with well known jazz drummer, Giles Perry.

Jason has been playing the bass guitar for 5 years. Jonny Ryan has been playing classical guitar since he was eleven and rock music since he was thirteen

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